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There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.
- Ken Olson, founder Digital Equipment Corp, in 1977

Complaints Handling

Websites By Design recognises that proper attention to the concerns of cutomers is an essential part of a well managed and successful business operation.
And whilst we always conduct business in a professional manner with honesty and integrity, we understand that sometimes issues arise that may be of concern to our clients.
When these unfortunate circumstances arise, we always do our best to resolve issues in a fair, timely and effective manner.
Websites By Design's policy on complaint handling consists of a five-point framework for responding to complaints and concerns of our clients.
  • Commitment - We acknowledge that our clients have a right to voice their concerns or complaints. In fact, we openly encourage all feedback, as this provides us with the mechanism to continually monitor and improve our business.
  • Fairness - Complaint handling should be fair to all parties, and must allow everyone's views to be heard and taken into account in a balanced way.
  • Effectiveness - Complaints received should be dealt with quickly and courteously.
  • Accessibility - Websites By Design openly encourages all forms of feedback, and as such, we provide a number of forums on this website for contacting us.
  • Accountability - All feedback we receive is recorded, and where appropriate or specifically requested, we will follow up and monitor concerns and complaints to ensure a mutually satisfactory resolution is achieved.

How to register your concerns

As mentioned above, we have a number of methods for registering your concerns and feedback in the Contact Us section of this website.

If a complaint can't be resolved

It is always preferable to try and settle a concern or complaint early rather than allow it to escalate into larger and more difficult dispute.
If an issue can't be resolved within the Five Point framework described above, it may be necessary to refer the matter to other, sometimes more formal, procedures for independent arbitration.